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My family had a Christmas mini session with Ezra from Desert Owl Photography and it was sooo easy! Ezra was efficient, professional, and guided us along. That was a blessing for me because as a mom, I enjoy not having to make a bunch of decisions all the time. Ezra captured my daughter’s silliness and even granted a special request of mine….. to have my daughter’s elf photoshopped into a couple photos. He even made it appear as if she was peeking out from behind a pillow. We really enjoyed how quick this session was. No muss, no fuss, but done VERY well. Our photos are BEAUTIFUL and will be cherished forever. Thank you Ezra!

Succulent photo
Family Photo Album
Why Should you Get Your Digital Images Printed into Photographs? 

    By printing a digital image you create a physical representation of a moment or memory that makes you feel a certain feeling that only photographs can create. In the age of Digital Screens, the impact of having a physical photograph is heightened by being able to hold onto the tangible memory of whom that composition represents.


Turning digital images into physical photographs immortalizes you & your family’s legacy! Since the invention of the photograph, we have held on to the printed photos of our Grandparents, Parents, and Children (before they grew up to continue the cycle). 

    Displaying photographs of your loved ones on your walls creates a unique experience every time you look at them! It's like having a personal museum of the people who mean the most to you. By having quality printed photographs you create heirlooms for those in your life with whom you want to share your legacy.

When I was a kid I remember going through literal tubs of film negatives, polaroids, 4x6 prints of Family Members, Events, Weddings, etc., and asking my parents "who is this", and "what party was that".

I remember seeing photographs of my grandparents as young kids and with amazement thinking they were kids once & how in the distant future (like when I am in my 40’s) I’ll be an old person too (now I'm in my mid 20’s, I realize 40’s are still pretty young 😅)

Photographs allow us to preserve moments of time as tangible objects we can hold when their compositions are unholdable. Until We find a way to make video function without electricity or mechanical movements, Photographs will continue to be the most popular way to share Our legacy with the world. 

Allow Me to help You create those tangible memories, that will be cherished for generations.  

-Ezra Valenzuela Owner of
Desert Owl Photography  LLC

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Pink Cactus Blossoms from Tucson Botanicl Gardens
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