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All Souls Procession Tucson - Dress Rehearsal

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

November 3, 2022

Take a look behind the curtain of Tucson All Souls Procession Grand Finale Dress Rehearsal, It is not very often to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of a major event such as this.

A double exposed image of the All Souls Procession Urn and Dancers
All Souls Procession Tucson

Here is my experience:

This year is my first time taking part in the All Souls Procession in any capacity, I am very fortunate to be able to go behind the scenes and see the inner workings of A.S.P, working with other media creatives to bring this experience to life on screens has been one heck of a journey.

The night of the dress rehearsal was cold yet exhilarating, to see the hours of passionate labor literally coming together gives me a whole new appreciation for the community of people that make All Souls Procession's Grand Finale what it is!

During the rehearsal:

Once the media circle grouped at the front of the stage we had the opportunity to meet each other and learn a little bit about each other's history with A.S.P only to realize that me and the @520Culture (a Social media page that I am a part of) Crew were the newest pieces of the Media Circle.

As we were chatting the most enchanting music started to play and we collectively became silently glued to the visual art displayed before us.

As the music calmed all you can hear was the sounds of shutters clicking & the stillness of the desert's night sky.

Dancers on stage, a Light paint element
All Souls Procession Grand Finale Rehearsal


After seeing the dedication of the performers and directors and every crewmember that has labored in love for this once-a-year event I am glad to be a part of a community that brings art and opportunity to Tucson.

Before the rehearsal, I wasn't sure what the A.S.P is about but I got a lot of insight from our Media Circle Director Kathleen Dreier about how the A.S.P allows All Peoples to express their way of mourning and celebrating the people that have been in our lives that are no longer physically present.

A Huge Thank You

to Nadia Alev Hagen Onuktav/ Artistic Director and Paul Weir/ Technical Director/ Board Member for all of the hours of hard work that you have poured into our community behind the scenes.

All Souls Procession Tucson would not what it is without the two of you! 👏

Grand Finale is going to be on Nov. 6, The 33rd All Souls Procession and Ceremony 4 pm Gather on Grande Avenue and Speedway Blvd 6 pm Start – walk to MSA Annex

For more information on the All Souls Procession click here:

Will You be attending The 33rd annual All Souls Procession?

Comment below about your past A.S.P experiences!

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